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Name:Xamot and Tomax Paoli
Birthdate:Oct 3
"Tomax and Xamot (voiced by Stephen Stanton) - Tomax and Xamot are identical twin brothers with fantastical abilities in hypnotic persuasion and mind-control. They began as crooked cult leaders who harnessed their powers to "fleece" believers. The Twins plan to enhance their natural abilities and unleash their wrath upon the world. The key to their success lies in their connection to one another, a telepathic force so strong that if one twin is struck, the other feels every bit of pain. When the Joes end up in their desert oasis after finding Sister Leia of their cult, the Joes end up under their control except for Tunnel Rat. Snake Eyes pretended to be mind-controlled in order for him and Tunnel Rat to infiltrate the temple in order to break their mind-control. Snake Eyes destroyed the eye that boosted Tomax and Xamot's powers causing Tunnel Rat and Snake Eyes to split up the twins. Tomax and Xamot managed to convince Doctor Mindbender to take them with him. Later at Doctor Mindbender's laboratory, Tomax and Xamot are strapped to a table so that Doctor Mindbender can siphon their mind control for his Bio Vipers project. Doctor Mindbender later successfully siphoned their abilities for the Shadow-Viper project. At the Cisarovna Chateau, Tomax and Xamot were able to free each other and they decide to use telecommunications to enhance their mind control abilities."


Author's notes [includes personal head canon]: At the time of their arrival to Milliways, Xamot and Tomax are prior to canon - that is, they haven't met the Joes yet, and are currently in the process of setting up their cult. The twins also dabble in offering psychic advice to anyone who seeks it, and are pretty good at it too, and it is this that gave them the idea of starting their little cult.

RP notes: The twins can pick up on others' pasts, as well as what might be on their mind. They are also exceptional at persuasion, and can implant psychic suggestions into the minds of other people. If players want the twins to read and/or persuade another character in some way, please PM or ping via AIM.

Special abilities: Xamot and Tomax are psychically-bonded to each other. As the above quote states, they can feel what the other feels, though this is canonically limited to pain and duress, or if one of the brothers is subjected to rough physical treatment [for obvious reasons, anything basic and biological, or would be considered regular and/or normal physical contact, is not picked up on]. They can also communicate telepathically, but this talent only extends towards the other sibling. They can't communicate with others this way, and it's debatable if anyone can talk with them via the telepathic route.


Daemons: Same as canon, except with daemons. The twins have stoat daemons, named "Rimal" [Xamot's] and "Lamir" [Tomax's]. Unlike most daemons, the psychic link that connects the brothers to each other also allows the daemons to be handled by the twin they are not bonded to. It also allows them to travel further from their humans than might normally be allowed, provided the daemon stays in close proximity to either twin, and the further away the daemon ventures from her human, the closer she must be to the non-bonded twin. There is a limit to this, and if they venture, say a parking lot's distance away from the bonded twin, it would require that daemon and non-bonded human be practically touching. Naturally this weirds people out, and it can make for a nice prank now and then.

Xamot and Tomax are copyright to Hasbro, and appear in [community profile] milliways_bar for the sole purpose of roleplaying. No profit is sought and no claims of ownership is being made or implied.

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